My father was a painter, an Artist in the truest sense. His personality and works were bright, vivid and full of colour.

But growing up, what I remember most was the first time he put his treasured Asahi Pentax camera in my hands. As I learned to view the world through a lens, the narrative that unfolded in front of me through a camera was also anchored by a base of colourful paint strokes. Through him I inherited the eyes for aesthetic.

Despite growing up with paintings in the background, I never found myself facing a canvas. Even so, my eyes never forgot the vividness of the strokes that his paintbrush created, something I couldn’t create with a camera alone.

The artwork I create now is an effort to capture the feeling of recalling a half-forgotten memory or a quickly fading dream.

These works are my ode to him, and the world of strokes I admire so much.